Girl Code Giveaway

Written by Kristi Warwick


Posted on August 31 2016

Hello Mermaids!

Those of you who have been following us for a while know that I personally love to constantly be learning and growing. One of my core beliefs in life is that there is more then enough for all of us in this world.  The scarcity mentality where there is not enough is our ego talking and in turn the more we live in fear or worry the more of that we will receive just that.  When we practice the belief of abundance in all areas of our life that is what we will be given.

When I started following Cara Alwill Leyba on Instagram I was inspired right away and noticed many of our daily practices and beliefs were aligned.  Then the gift of all gifts was her book Girl Code.  This book travels with me wherever I am, and is always within reach as it speaks to me in a new way every time I pick it up.  You do not need to be an entrepreneur to appreciate the resonating message; amazing things happen when we as women show up for each other.  As many of you know I started Nobella Grace Boutique with the intention of creating a group of uplifting women.  That when you shopped on our site you felt like you were shopping with your best friends, and after reading Girl Code I know that we will never stray from that intention.

We want to do our part and spread the message of showing up for one another so we are giving away 2 copies of Girl Code.  All you have to do to be entered is comment below with one way you love to lift up other women.  Two winners will be chosen at random and announced right back here on Monday.  Good Luck!





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    Congratulations to Katherine Emerick and Candice you are our winners. Please email us at to claim your prize.

    Posted by Nobella Grace | September 05, 2016
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    I feel uplifted when I am complimented either on my appearance or something I’ve done. It’s so reassuring to hear from other women that what I’m doing made an impact on them for good. Because I feel that way, I also strive to give as many compliments as possible throughout my day to those I see and sending messages to those I know. Sending short messages just to let those women know that they are beautiful, they impact my life for good, and that I appreciate them for who they are not only uplifts them, but I also reap the lightness and goodness from this small act.

    I also pray for goodness and light to be part of their day and part of their life. This is important to me because I truly believe that my prayers are answered and make a difference especially for the person I pray for. I have made it a habit to pray daily throughout my day, in my heart and at times aloud for those I meet and those I know.

    Posted by Katherine Emerick | September 04, 2016
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    I love to compliment women. I know I struggle on the daily with self worth and with daily struggles of the workplace. So in any way that I can I try to uplift people with kinds word and let them know they are appreciated and are beautiful people.

    Posted by Diana Thomas | September 01, 2016
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    I know for me, that a simple reminder from someone I love (or a nice, compassionate stranger at the grocery store) that I am enough, and that what I am and doing is enough, does so much for my soul. That I don’t have to compare myself to others and try to “keep up” is such an incredible reminder to hear from others, so that is what I like to do with my closest friends (and kind strangers) including my sisters. I like to remind them that they are enough, they are doing more than enough, and that we are all in this together.
    Posted by Jody Bunda | September 01, 2016
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    Hi Kristi!

    Thank you for being so generous and gifting two of your favorite books! You are so sweet!

    For me personally, I love to look at the positives in the situation, instead of the negatives. I love to encourage women and that includes strangers, even the cashier at the store who looks unhappy. When we take a minute out of our day to say something to lift up others, it means a lot to them. I pray that we’ll continue to see more of a community of women celebrating our differences, and celebrating our achievements together! We weren’t meant to do this life alone! ?

    Posted by Erica Gorham | September 01, 2016
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    Hi! I think it’s so important to remind each other (we even have to remind ourselves sometimes) that we’re all in this together! All of us womankind are part of this world at this very moment and we have to love and support each other. We need our tribes to survive, and that means lifting each other up (especially when we’ve fallen) and celebrating one another’s success.

    Posted by Kerry Hansen | August 31, 2016
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    I love motivation and supporting friends family and my social media followers. I dislike when people are bashed because that just promotes for the cycle to continue. Uplifting people is what I do be it by shout out or an personal message when someone post that they are down. We need to spread love so it can be passed on to all.

    Posted by Zugeiri Ocegueda | August 31, 2016
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    I love when women put their talents out there be it in photography, modeling, art, writing etc. so when I see women being vulnerable I love to give them compliments and encourage them to keep going with their passion.

    Posted by Candice | August 31, 2016
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    I think it’s important to be honest with people. My friends know that about me and often like to ask my opinion knowing I will not lie. If I don’t agree or know my thoughts will not be favored, I choose the positive of every situation presented. There’s no reason to be negative even if you don’t agree or don’t like something, but there is always a positive to everything. At the same time, don’t lie. I think that does nothing for anyone. For example, helping people realize their strengths and how to use them to their advantage. I don’t create those strengths, just recognize them and make people feel good about them.

    What Chelsea mentioned above is awesome!

    Posted by Savannah S | August 31, 2016
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    I think going out of your way to be kind is a great way to lift people up. My favorite example: The janitor in my building is such a nice lady. One day she mentioned her birthday was coming up, so me and a few girls in my department decided to throw her a mini surprise party. We got her a cupcake and some balloons and a couple silly things from the dollar store just to brighten her day. She was SO happy and thankful that we even thought to do that for her.

    Another thing I like to do is give specific compliments to people I don’t know. I told a girl working at a clothing store that her winged eye liner looked perfect and she was so happy someone noticed it. Compliments go a long way. :)

    Posted by Chelsea | August 31, 2016
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    I think all women can struggle with self confidence so I like to comment on photos that they look beautiful. I know it makes me feel good when I hear that so hopefully it helps others too.

    Posted by Heather Miller | August 31, 2016
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