Welcome Mermaids!

Written by Kristi Warwick


Posted on October 19 2014

Hello Mermaids!

Jump on in, the water is glorious!  You asked, and we listened, our new site is much more user friendly.  You are able to shop by size if you like, and we love the new look.  


The look of our blog is not the only thing that has changed.  We revamped our Personal Styling and Box Subscriptions.  You are now able to return your Bella Boxes in lieu of a $20 styling fee and we also added a Styled Bella Box where there is no need to fill out a Style Profile, just simply purchase your size and you will receive 3 items for a perfectly curated look.  I am also branching out into personal styling and shopping here in So Cal, and also we included a Virtual Style for those who live afar. 


xoxo, Kristi



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    These changes are all so wonderful! I can’t wait to learn more about your revamped Bella box! Beautiful, Kristi!

    Posted by Erica | July 28, 2016
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